Desire starts in the mind

– Dangerous Beauty

Hello Gentlemen (and ladies!),

Isn’t it true that the greatest secrets are often tucked away in the most unlikely places? Connecting with a new friend can be quite an experience when the attraction is inspired by allure, intellect and commonalities. For reasons that we will soon discover, you are reading my words and I welcome you!

When it comes to intimacy, I am filled with desire, attentiveness and an inherent ability to see into the hearts of others. That being said, you can expect a sensually exciting encounter that not even a vivid imagination could improve.

Though my gentlemen friends tell me that I am more of a passionate mistress given the genuine depth of my liaisons, I am also one of the most rational companions you will know. Just imagine the savory conversation that will inevitably entangle us in mental foreplay. Have I piqued your interest?

In the pages that follow, most of your curiosities will be answered with a sense of romantic familiarity as though we already know one another. You might be inspired by erotic anticipation and finally, an irresistible craving to meet. On that note, are you thinking what I’m thinking?

With fond affection,