How old are you?

I was born in 1986

How long have you had the professional name “Elena Easton”?

Since September, 2014.

At what age did you engage in your first professional sexual experience?


Describe your first professional sexual experience:

I have danced on and off since I was 19, working regular jobs in between and using the money to help pay for my associates degree. When I was 25, I was working at a club in Maryland. The club was upscale, and dark, and most the gentlemen were indeed gentlemen. There was one man who would come see me almost every afternoon I worked. He was in his 40s, and had been through a divorce like me. He became one of my regulars. We’d chat as I danced for him, and in that somewhat artificial environment became something close to friends. He was a real sweetheart. One evening, he shyly asked if he could see me outside the club, paying for my time. It just seemed like a natural evolution of the relationship, as I had been wondering the same thing. So the next night, he took me to dinner at a very nice restaurant, where we ate seafood and shared a bottle of white wine, and then we finished the evening off in a lovely hotel. That then became our regular routine. It was a great introduction to the business because I had gotten to know him on a personal level first. And I found that I could make someone very happy by spending time with me.

What made you decide to enter the business?

A number of reasons. First, I wanted to be in charge of my own schedule; that is very important to me. Second, I realized from my experience with my customer during my dancing years that I enjoyed being a companion a thousand times more than being an exotic dancer. Third, while my family is very successful now, it wasn’t always that way growing up. Like any good parent, you want your children to have more than you did.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

My favorite part is the fun, the laughter and overall joy I experience with almost all of my clients. It’s very nice when we have common interests that we can share with one another. I have met so many remarkable men and I like that a lot.

What do you like the least about your work?

This may seem silly but it’s the traffic! The Washington metro area is ranked as having the worst congestion in the United States and I unfortunately have to suffer through it constantly (it’s well worth it though).

What’s your advice for someone considering entering the business?

Don’t compromise yourself or who you are. You need to be true to yourself and avoid being a cynic.

Do your family or friends know what you do?

Yes, and they are wonderful and supportive, especially my mom. But even if my immediate family weren’t supportive, I still would not hide it. If someone can’t accept what I do, I can’t accept them.

Do you have a love life outside the business?

No. I devote so much energy to my clients that I find it’s best to avoid dates outside the business. I was married for a few years, but am now divorced. I have one son; he’s the most important man in my life.

What percentage of your clients are married? What percentage are female and/or couples? And what percentage are repeat customers?

Ninety percent of my clients are married, and half of my encounters are with repeat customers. I have been with one couple so far, an experience that I really enjoyed.

You are completely independent. What percentage of your time is spent organizing your schedule, answering emails, booking rooms and traveling to and from an encounter compared to time spent on dates?

Since I live in the middle of nowhere, lol, the typical drive time is a minimum of two hours round trip. Answering e-mails, booking rooms, and organizing my schedule takes anywhere from one to three hours, six days a week. Each week is different in the amount of hours I spend with clients so it’s hard to figure out an accurate percentage. But the administrative part of the business is a big part of the job.

What do you like doing on those evenings you do not work?

It’s actually rather mundane (I don’t mind though lol). When college is in session, I spend a lot of time on homework. I make dinner for my son, exercise, and clean.

What has been one of the best moments in the business?

I love to travel! Some of my clients have taken me on trips with them outside the DC area. I’ve seen places I’d never thought I’d see–and such joint travel allows for a deeper and more intimate relationship.

Please provide some random, interesting facts about yourself..

1) I’ve never colored my hair.

2) I didn’t discover I was capable of multiple orgasms in one day until I was 26.

3) Before I became a massage therapist, I was a personal trainer.

4) I have always been interested in the human body. My childhood dream was to be a doctor.