How important is environment?

Well, I believe if you like your space, you will thrive there– and so will others. 🙂

While attending school for massage therapy, I learned about the need and benefits of creating a therapeutic environment. The therapeutic environment encompasses both physical and interpersonal elements. Providing positive distractions, giving a sense of control and eliminating outside stress are key factors. These factors impact overall satisfaction and apply to many different settings, whether it’s in healthcare or sensual companionship. If an individual is at ease, the more receptive and confident they are. All of this leads to a better outcome for everyone involved.

When I first became a companion, seeing a gentleman in a hotel was the norm. I worked hard to create an inviting atmosphere, such as placing little candles throughout the room and making sure something to drink was available. I wanted my guest to instantly feel at ease.

Despite only having partial control on the atmosphere then, I did have control on the interpersonal relationship with my clients (which is most important).

Over time though, I realized that finding a more permanent and convenient location was best. Being as detail oriented as I am, the need for creative liberty is paramount to me. I also branched out to offer sensual massage, Body to Body and Bondassage (involving numerous implements and supplies), which requires having a comfortable, stable location.

The setting I have now is very versatile. My massage table, towel warmer, oils, and toys inspire feelings of pleasure and relief. The bedroom with a canopy bed, strategically hung mirrors and candles, encourages play and excitement. My spanking bench, well, that’s for the darker experiences…

Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy the occasional outcall to a nice hotel. After all, It’s good to spice things up once in a while!