Those of you who’ve read my blogs may remember that in “Bodywork”, I had expressed an interest in learning Bondassage. I also indicated that everyone should experience it at least once and that includes me. Some people have expressed reservation about trying Bondassage because, let’s be honest, the first thing that comes to most peoples minds when they hear bondage or BDSM is Pulp Fiction, ball gag in the mouth, or discomfort. This is not the case. While Bondassage has some very, light elements of BDSM, it is not intended to be extreme or painful in any way.

Thanks to a generous client, I recently flew to the West Coast for a 90-minute session with a Bondassage-certified provider. There was another exciting element. Believe it or not, I’d never actually met another companion in person. I couldn’t believe how shy I was and it gave me a better appreciation why many clients are shy initially. When I walked in she immediately put me at ease. She was extremely warm, friendly, and yes, beautiful. The ambiance in her incall residence was as warm and inviting as her personality with dimly lit candles and soft music playing in the background. Everything was perfectly set to put even the most apprehensive person at ease.

Our conversation flowed from family to work. After our talk, I jumped in the shower, came out nude, surrendered myself to the moment and was ready to go. The massage table had satin sheets and soft headphones were worn during the entire session. The music was mostly instrumental and seductively warm to help relax as well as entice you. Without going into too much detail, the experience left me desiring more as my body was highly stimulated in a glorious way.

You are comfortably restrained to the massage table and various props are run over your body, interspersed with some light spanking or light flogging (if you prefer). This is intended to heighten your senses which makes the sensual touch that much more titillating. It prepares your body to experience pleasure in a manner that you have not experienced. It allows the therapist to take you top of the mountain in a pleasurable but meaningful way. She provided a wonderful massage in addition to the props, which were made of fur, leather, silk and satin material, warm herbal compress, and toys. She used warm oil (which was lovely) and massaged my entire body to no end – which ultimately sent me over the edge. Once my body stopped quivering, she took my blindfold off and I told her with a smile that “there are no words.”

There is structure and a format in Bondassage but it’s mainly an outline and not a script. Naturally, it’s tailored to each person’s comfort and limits. It focuses on sensory deprivation, yet all your senses seem to be on fire. So, as I write this, I’m actually attending an official training session in NYC so I can provide certified Bondassage sessions for my clients—in addition to all of the other wonderful things we do together.