There are few things more invigorating than the power of touch. The feeling of skin against skin is one reason why a good massage leaves you refreshed and relaxed.

In my earlier post “Bodyworks,” I discussed some of my favorite traditional massages. While I was in New York, my Bondassage trainer offered to teach me how she performs a Body to Body massage (B2B). It may sound pretty self explanatory but believe me, there is much more to it, at least the way I learned.

The second day of my trip she had a client request a B2B. She asked if her Bondassage trainee could join in the session. He eagerly agreed 😉 So I helped her take down the massage table, lay out a special mat, and covered it with a special waterproof tarp and a sheet. She explained how similar it was to Nuru except she uses warm rice bran oil which is unscented and doesn’t get cold like Nuru gel can.

Once he arrived, undressed and laid down on the mat, we both undressed. I sat and watched as she drenched her entire nude body with warm oil. She was not merely running her breasts and glutes all over him, this was an actual FULL BODY MASSAGE. She used her ribs, hips, pelvis legs and feet to knead, compress, stretch and elongate his muscles. Watching her was hypnotizing. It was almost as if she transformed the massage into a bewitching erotic dance.

Then it was my turn! It was much more athletic than I had expected which was great! I’m used to massaging with my hands, elbows and forearms so this was a pleasant challenge! Pleasing your client while getting a workout is a win win! She showed me how to transition smoothly and while maintaining contact. A neat little trick I learned was while lying on your stomach in-between their legs you can massage the feet with your hands while using your feet to play with their genitalia.

I could tell this would be a wonderful new addition to my repertoire….