“Elena led me into our bondassage session with gentle control, as I slipped out of my world of being in charge all the time to a world where I was completely under her command, to do with as she pleases. I have to say, it is a great relief to give up control. She claimed her ownership over me, making me kneel and submit to her before binding me to the table, depriving me of my sight with a blindfold, and playing seductive music on headphones she placed over my head. We then entered into an experience that would be filled with a mixing of tantalizing pain and amazing pleasure. With each new tool, I was introduced to a new experience of pain, unable to see, relying only on my sense of touch to try to understand what it was against my skin, all the time squirming in pain. Not seeing or knowing what is currently happening, and more importantly, no knowing what is about to happen, leaves me anticipating and longing for her touch. After each test of pain, comes a blissful reward of very pleasant touches. With an alternating combination of gradually increased pain inflicted by her tools, followed by the softest pleasure and rewarding touches, she leaves me longing for more in a seemingly endless cycle. I follow, always in total submission, surrendering all control, trying desperately to anticipate what will be next, pain or pleasure. The playful teasing continues until I suddenly realize there is no more pain, no more tools. Elena now leads me into a highly rewarding finish of extreme massage pleasure. Bondassage is not your average massage, but it is absolutely an awesome experience.”


“Elena drew me right in with her excitement and passion for Bondassage that I saw in reading about her own experiences with it. Her passion and excitement are contagious and the thought of exploring new areas of sexual experience remains a great enticement and motivator. To sort of pave the road for my first Bondassage session, Elena and I shared a Body to Body Massage session and I can’t think of a better way to become comfortable with the beautiful and caring person that is Elena. While you may not feel the need for a Body to Body Massage session first, for me it helped establish a rapport and level of intimacy that allowed the Bondassage session to be even more personal, exciting, and a deeper exploration of my own limits.

Elena was very sensitive to the things which I wanted to explore more, those things which touched on areas or activities that got my heart racing, and for those things (very few) which made me uncomfortable. Throughout our Bondassage session, Elena took me on a roller-coaster ride of emotions – the comfort and soothing touch of her long, luxurious hair; the light sting (at first) of a whip on my skin; the frustration and vulnerability I felt as I found myself bound and exposed, completely at Elena’s mercy.

But the most important thing throughout it all was a total sense of safety and security. Elena made it clear that she was in charge but that my well-being and enjoyment were paramount. Through the trust built in our Body to Body Massage session, I knew that Elena was worthy of the trust I was putting in her. Even now as I write this, my heart starts pounding faster thinking of the ways in which Elena toyed with me, drew me closer to the edge of my limits (or so I thought), and then drew me back in and, figuratively, held me close and made me feel secure and relaxed. Oh, I loved that roller-coaster ride as I was on it and I love it even more looking back on it.

I’ve gone back for a second Bondassage session with Elena and we discussed new areas to try, limits to try to expand, and I always have felt confident that I was both safe and going to have the experience of a lifetime.”

“I have never really been interested in bondage or domination—I guess you can say my sexual tastes are relatively conventional—but I decided to try Bondassage because Elena was so enthusiastic about it and because I knew she is an amazing masseuse.

I had been up working late the night before and so arrived at her incall a bit tired. But that probably made me even more ready to surrender to “Mistress Elena.” She had me kneel on a pillow while she attached leather restraints to my legs and wrists. She then used the restraints to secure me, loosely, to her comfortable massage table.

I consider myself a connoisseur of sensual massage, having experienced it in cities around the world. What’s different about Bondassage is that you are blindfolded and you wear earphones, so your senses are completely focused on sensations on your skin, not on the masseuse. In my case, Elena put on seductive music which took me to another place and time.

The massage itself was fantastic; I have never found a better masseuse than Elena. But she then integrated the massage with various tactile experiences, using tools made of various materials. There was one tool she used on my genitals that completely flummoxed me. It felt great but I had no idea what it was—and it was quite surprising afterwards to learn the secret. And of course the brush of her skin against mine added to the eroticism.

Every so often Elena would drizzle warm, soothing oil over my body.

The climax was shattering. Elena’s tantric strokes are skillful and intense. Blindfolded, I couldn’t watch her, but I heard her voice over the music, which added to the intensity of the experience.

When I woke up the next morning, my body felt great. Every ache and pain in my back was gone. As I said, Elena is an amazing masseuse. Her skills in a Bondassage setting are well worth experiencing.