I’ve long been an admirer of Avery Moore’s blog. She describes herself as an introvert, but when the Daily Mail reported that she called herself an introvert, you should have seen the hateful and ignorant comments. How could an escort possibly be an introvert?

Very easily. I’m an introvert. In fact, I’m an “INTJ” according to the Myers Briggs Indicator Scale, which is fairly rare –only about one or two percent of the population. What type of personality is an INTJ? Simply put, I prefer to be with a few close friends rather than a crowd; I focus on the big picture, not the details; I value logic over sentiment; and I am a creative, independent thinker.

These are the ideal characteristics for an escort—and indeed, for many successful people in fields that require interaction with people. Indeed, it’s perfectly logical to be introverted yet enjoy forming physical and emotional connections with strangers. For instance, here are some famous actresses and actors that are said to introverts: Clint Eastwood, Tom Hanks, Steve Martin, Meryl Steep, Audrey Hepburn, Julia Roberts and Meg Ryan.

First of all, as an introvert I have to work harder to be outgoing and personable. That comes naturally to extroverts but it can also make them lazy in interpersonal relations, whereas in my case I have to always be at the top of game.

Second, as an escort I am almost always in one-on-one situations, where I really thrive. I have a profession that plays to my strengths as an individual, because in the privacy of the bedroom I can provide deep and personal attention to the needs of my client. For me, the big picture is making sure the encounter is among the most pleasurable, intense moments of their busy lives.

Finally, as a logical, independent thinker, I have no qualms about being a sex worker.. I know how to take care of myself, but the moral issues that seem to rile many people simply do not bother me.

Oddly, if you encountered me in the outside world, you might think I’m a bit meek and hard to get to know. I have various outside activities but kind of fade into the crowd. That’s the shell of the introvert. But close the doors, and a tiger emerges from her den. That’s why I love what I do. I love being that tiger.